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Multi-Sensor Platform

This multi-sensor, data-fusion software platform leverages machine learning to autonomously learn the normal patterns of behaviors at extreme scale to identify anomalies or potential system threats in real time. Our focused applications enable solutions for Video Analytics, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Cyber Security, and other sensory data types.

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1-Arche engineers are competent in the network testing tool. With their help, we were able to determine the root cause of our high network latency

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1-Arche provides real-time monitoring of the industrial environment, offering operational intelligence to help prevent safety and loss issues as well as identify opportunities for increased operational uptime.


1-Arche monitors thousands of cameras at once, learns normal vs. anomalous behavior, and issues real time alerts that enable security personnel to hone in on potential threats as they happen.

Cyber Security

1-Arche adapts and evolves automatically, allowing the technology to detect anomalies that might lead to cyberattacks or potential data breaches.


1-Arche augments existing solutions by recognizing and warning against pending upset conditions.